Brother Ali is “The Undisputed Truth”

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A few days ago, a publicist who shall remain nameless joked to me that all Rhymesayers MCs sound the same. But of course that’s not true. Brother Ali, for example, can carry his own with just about any underground rapper out there. And yes, that may not be saying much to all y’all backpack haters/Lil Wayne dick riders. For those that appreciate the Minneapolis albino, however, prepare for his first new album in four years, and first release since 2004’s Champion EP.

The Undisputed Truth is set for a March 20 release on Rhymesayers. A particularly strong cut, “Original King,” was posted on his MySpace page a few months ago. Unfortunately, it’s not on the promo version of the album.

Here are the tracks:

  • Whatcha’ Got
  • Lookin’ at Me Sideways
  • Truth Is
  • Puzzle
  • Pedigree
  • Freedom Ain’t Free
  • Letter from the Government
  • There
  • Listen Up
  • Take Me Home
  • Uncle Sam Goddamn
  • Walkin’ Away
  • Faheem
  • Ear to Ear

March 20 looks to be a big week for noncommercial rap, as El-P (I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead), J-Dilla (Ruff Draft) and Evidence (The Weatherman) will all drop albums that week. Save some allowance money for Brother Ali.

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