Grayskul broadcasts “Bloody Radio”

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Two years ago, a relatively unknown group called Grayskul released Deadlivers on Rhymesayers. Despite its low profile, Deadlivers drew kudos from those who heard it. It was an album that balanced Gothic-styled lyrics with a dark, mystical atmosphere, and was reminiscent of early 90s horrorcore classics like Gravediggaz’ 6 Feet Deep and Organized Konfusion’s Stress: The Extinction Agenda.

Now the Pacific Northwest group is back with a new joint. Bloody Radio features Onry Ozzborn (where’s that Gigantics album you promised?), JFK and DJ Wicked holding court with the likes of Slug, Cage, Aesop Rock, Pigeon John and Andrea Zollo, formerly of the late indie-rock band Pretty Girls Make Graves. The duo’s mighty Oldominion crew help out, too.

Grayskul’s Bloody Radio drops September 11 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The track listing is below.

  • 1. “3000 Voices”
  • 2. “Virginia N.M.2”
  • 3. “Dope”
  • 4. “Bloody Radio”
  • 5. “How to Load a Tech” (feat. Cage)
  • 6. “Missing” (feat. Andrea Zollo)
  • 7. “Scarecrow”
  • 8. “Haunted”
  • 9. “The Office” (feat. Aesop Rock & Slug)
  • 10. “Is It Me”
  • 11. “Dance the Frantic” (feat. Pigeon John)
  • 12. “Give Me Love”
  • 13. “Us”
  • 14. “The Last Lullaby”
  • 15. “Heaven is Still Coming”
  • Bonus Track: “Disappear”

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