Greyboy’s “15 Years of West Coast Cool”

Acid jazz veteran Greyboy is releasing a retrospective, 15 Years of West Coast Cool, on November 4 via Ubiquity Records. Before the West Coast label became known for artists like Nobody and Platinum Pied Pipers (and, for beat heads, a much-sampled reissue of Arthur Verocai’s self-titled debut), Greyboy was its flagship artist, dropping popular albums such as 1993’s Freestylin’ and 2001’s Mastered the Art. The compilation, which features guest shots from AG, Quantic, Sharon Jones and others, culls from various stages of the producer’s career.

  • 1. “Unwind Your Mind”
  • 2. “Ruffneck Jazz”
  • 3. “Grey’s Groove”
  • 4. “Panacea”
  • 5. “Whirlwind”
  • 6. “Mastered The Art” (feat. Dave Pike & Elgin Park)
  • 7. “Hold Your Weight” (feat. AG)
  • 8. “Hold It Down” (feat. Muddie)
  • 9. “Got To Be A Love” (feat. Quantic & Sharon Jones)
  • 10. “Genevieve” (feat. Bart Davenport)
  • 11. “To Know You Is To Love You” (feat. Bart Davenport)
  • 12. “Love”
  • 13. “Color In Between The Lines”
  • 14. “Missin’ Something”
  • 15. “Help Is On The Way” (feat. Rodney Mathews & Elgin Park) (digital only)
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