P.O.S. is “Never Better”

On February 3, Rhymesayers will release Minneapolis rapper P.O.S.’ third album, Never Better. Here’s a section from the press release:

P.O.S. himself made more than half of the beats on Never Better, and the production bears his unmistakable signature. The album enters a room like bombshell with a black eye-badass, noisy, impossible to ignore. Feedback and relentless drum rolls are only occasionally tempered by sung choruses and clean, chiming guitar lines. Some critics will be eager to categorize the album as a hybrid-some kind of crossover project. But it’s probably not. P.O.S is a rapper with range, he’s a real musician and an unstoppable performer. For him, genres are as they ever were: permeable.

  • 1. “Let It Rattle”
  • 2. “Drumroll (We’re All Thirsty)”
  • 3. “Savion Glover”
  • 4. “Purexed”
  • 5. “Graves (We Wrote The Book)”
  • 6. “Goodbye”
  • 7. “Get Smokes”
  • 8. “Been Afraid”
  • 9. “Low Light Low Life”
  • 10. “The Basics (Alright)”
  • 11. “Out of Category”
  • 12. “Optimist (We Are Not For Them)”
  • 13. “Terrorish”
  • 14. “Never Better”
  • 15. “The Brave and the Snake”
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