Serengeti & Polyphonic’s “Terradactyl”


Chicago rapper Serengeti & producer Polyphonic have signed a deal with Anticon for its new album, Terradactyl. It comes out on June 23. Here’s a description of Terradactyl from the ever-handy press release:

Serengeti and Polyphonic’s Terradactyl is an album about place-losing place, mostly, struggling to find it again, and succumbing to the fact that it’s cold, and surprisingly lonely, when you’re dressed in the human condition. Serengeti, heretofore a master of on-record character acting, appears here as his most vulnerable self: someone wedged between a dream and a series of day-jobs, between a failed marriage and raising new life, inside of a large family with fractured ties, and split between two distinct racial/economic paradigms. His cracked abstractions (this is no “poor-me” man’s emo diary) paint him as homeless, at times literally, while weaving their meaning into the much larger loom of universal displacement. And as on this duo’s 2007 debut, Don’t Give Up, worldly beat-maestro Polyphonic is on hand to make beauty out of so much madness.

1. “Bon Voyage”
2. “Playing In Subway Stations”
3. “Move!”
4. “My Negativity”
5. “Cleveland”
6. “Steroids” (feat. Dose One)
7. “Patiently”
8. “Call The Law”
9. “La La Lala”
10. “My Patriotism”
11. “Dawn Under The Bridge”
12. “Calliope”

Photo by Jacob Hand.

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