The Wrap Up: The legacy

DJ Spooky_MySpace

Living in a post-Jacko America:

  • DJ Spooky honors NAACP’s 100th anniversary with new work (
  • MTV’s James Montgomery on M.J.’s video legacy (
  • Boots Riley and Tom Morello’s Street Sweeper debuts in top 40 (
  • More bad news for the Pirate Bay’s founders (
  • Can’t Stop Won’t Stop author Jeff Chang, others head to White House for briefing on U.S. arts policy (

Kinda like a big deal: B.O.B.’s B.O.B. vs. Bobby Ray (, J. Howells Werthman’s We Are Making Plans (, Ras G’s Cosmic Tones 4 Mental Therapy (, Nobody’s Best of Michael Jackson & the Jackson 5 (, Dr. Strangeloop’s Sounds for Dreaming (

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