Crown City Rockers’ “The Day After Forever”

The Day After Forever

Bay Area hip hop band Crown City Rockers has finally finished its third album (the first was recorded as Mission:) and first in five years (!). Initially called 5 Gold Stars and set for release via RED Distribution, The Day After Tomorrow now drops via Gold Dust Media on September 29.

Why does it take these guys so long to make albums? Best known as a touring band, the quintet is probably best heard live, where Raashan Ahmad’s hype routines put a true-school spin on the classic Roots “organix” formula. Still, it would be nice to see them expand their studio craft as the Roots eventually did with Things Fall Apart

Quibbles, quibbles. Here’s a chunk from the press release:

CCR have built a reputation for their driving sound derived from live instruments fused with traditional hip-hop production, which makes their live shows particularly dynamic. Emcee Rashaan Ahmad commands the crowd in the tradition of the block party greats, with a tight backing group infusing funk energy into the bouncy hip-hop sound.

Though the group has remained intact, the album represents a reunion of sorts, as many of the contributors have been focusing on solo projects recently. Rashaan Ahamad’s solo album Push (2008) furthered his reputation as a party rocker par excellence, which he supported through tours with People Under The Stairs, Common Market, and others. Bassist/producer Headnodic recently helmed the boards for last year’s Mighty Underdogs project on Definitive Jux with emcees Gift of Gab and Lateef from the Quannum camp, and keyboardist Kat recently completed a solo project and is currently working with People Under The Stairs’ Thes One.

Here’s the track listing:

  • 1. “Intro”
  • 2. “Break”
  • 3. “Soul”
  • 4. “Kiss”
  • 5. “Go On”
  • 6. “Astroshocks”
  • 7. “Go Away”
  • 8. “Cruisin'”
  • 9. “Let’s Love”
  • 10. “Clap Your Hands”
  • 11. “Make It Hotter”
  • 12. “That’s Life”
  • 13. “The Forever Song”

Download: “Astronote”

Download: “Soul”

Here’s a dope video of Crown City Rockers rehearsing the track “Soul”:

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