Nocando’s “Jimmy The Lock”

On January 26, L.A. rapper and Low End Theory resident Nocando drops his first full-fledged album Jimmy The Lock through Alpha Pup Records. Production is handled by Nosaj Thing, Daedelus, Nobody, Free the Robots, Thavius Beck and others. Fans of his hilariously snarky verses on Busdriver’s “Least Favorite Rapper” track last year should take note.

Here’s the track listing:

1. “Head Static”
2. “Hurry Up and Wait”
3. “Two Track Mind” (feat. Busdriver)
4. “You Got Some Nerve” (feat. Nick Diamonds)
5. “21”
6. “DDS2” (feat. Iron Mike Eagle)
7. “I’m On” (feat. VerBS)
8. “Never Lie”
9. “Exploits and Glitches”
10. “Flight Risk”
11. “Skankophelia”
12. “Front Left Pocket”

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2 Responses to Nocando’s “Jimmy The Lock”

  1. Rob says:

    His album is out on iTunes now.

    Nocando: Jimmy the Lock –

  2. ADDtheare says:

    a new video is up for NoCanDo’s “Expoits & Glitches”, check it out!

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