Review: Jneiro Jarel, “Android Love Mayhem”

Jneiro Jarel, Android Love Mayhem
Alpha Pup Records

Jneiro Jarel, who has recently garnered attention for his remix work with TV on the Radio and Maximum Balloon, only recently moved to Los Angeles, but his expansive approach to beat production fits with the scene’s diverse palette. In the past, he’s tackled avant hip-hop, Brazilian music and Dirty South bounce. For Android Love Mayhem, he riffs on one of 2010’s cultural memes, conjuring computerized funk and machine dreams. “You changed my life in a major way,” he croons in “Android Romance 1 & 2.” Android Love Mayhem’s bracingly idiosyncratic mix of heartfelt vocals, synth washes and weedy beats takes a few listens to absorb, but smooth head-nodders like “Lurk (Part 2)” ease its impact.

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