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Little Brother waits for “Getback,” tours with Evidence


In a MySpace post, Little Brother figurehead Phonte Coleman announced that his group’s third album, Getback, is being delayed from September 25 to October 23.

"I’m over this shit," writes Coleman in a post titled "Oh well….whatever…..nevermind… (c) Kurt Cobain." "All I ever wanted was for my music to be heard. If it was solely up to me I’d throw up a zshare laink for y’all to download tonight, rather than leave it in the hands of people seemingly hellbent on fucking up what many have called our best and most complete record to date. I never understood how animals could eat their young until now."

Coleman may be getting overemotional, however. Having just announced the album’s release less than two months ago, the slight pushback allows ABB Records more setup time for an album that’s generating positive buzz among those who have heard it. "As an artist, I vow to keep creating, keep recording, and keep releasing new music, but I refuse to keep puttin my energy into Getback when we’re surrounded by lies, half-truths, and incompetence on the label’s end. Why keep nursing a stillborn baby?"

Meanwhile, Coleman has other projects in the can, including an 80s-themed EP with Maryland artist Zo! and the follow-up to his acclaimed Foreign Exchange project with Dutch-born producer Nicolay. His LB partner Big Pooh has another solo album coming next year as well.

But first comes Getback…eventually. The group has announced its first round of tour dates as well, many with Evidence from Dilated Peoples. The track listing and itinerary are below. (October 18 update: The tour itinerary has been updated.)

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