Embedded gets Iller Than Theirs


Brooklyn imprint Embedded Records — the small imprint owned by Definitive Jux label manager and DJ/producer Ese — comes back to life with a slate of fall releases after a year-plus silence marked by the occasional 12-inch single and/or EP and Loer Velocity’s Ready for a Renaissance.

First up is Iller Than Theirs. Due on September 18, Tone Tank and Krayo’s self-titled debut was produced by J. Howells Werthman, and features guest shots from Masta Ace and Cool Calm Pete. “Iller Than Theirs is a reaction to all things bloated & phony, boring & corporate, fancy & fashioned, dead & robotic. It is a barroom brawl of a record, honestly eccentric, wildly colored and just a little bit ILLER than the rest of y’all,” reads a press release for the album. That sounds more evocative than anything I could come up with.

Junk Science, who’ve been making trips up and down the East Coast for a minute now, are equally dedicated to sparking barroom brawls. Their new album, Grandad’s Nerve Tonic, is scheduled to hit in October. Look for more projects from the Nuclear Family, too, including an album from Scott Thorough and a crew sampler. But first, the Iller Than Theirs track list, which you’ll find below.

  • 1. “Razor Bumps”
  • 2. “To Be Ill”
  • 3. “The Same” (feat. Masta Ace)
  • 4. “It Is What It Is” (feat. Cool Calm Pete)
  • 5. “Good People” (feat. Jah-C)
  • 6. “Smorg”
  • 7. “After All”
  • 8. “Lo-Top Sneakers”
  • 9. “Splash”
  • 10. “Wash, Rinse, Repeat”


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