Panacea’s “On a Mind on a Ship Through Time”

Washington, D.C. duo Panacea will release a new album, On a Mind on a Ship Through Time, on October 14. It’s the follow-up to The Scenic Route (featured on Plug One’s top 50 albums of 2007 along with other year-end lists.) On a Mind on a Ship Through Time also marks the the inaugural release from Tasteful Licks Records.

Some thoughts about On a Mind on a Ship Through Time courtesy of K-Murdock:

Its been just about a year to the week that we released “The Scenic Route”, and after almost 9 months hibernating, formulating and ultimately creating in the studio…

An album is BORN!!!!

Actually, me and Raw P had this album 75% done even before “The Scenic Route” dropped last fall, but Life got in the way for a bit and actually helped make this album more special. Aside from the fact its a pretty personal (and spacey) record, its also gonna be the last time we make an album for album’s sake…

THAT means, beginning with the next Panacea album (which is coming along as we speak), we will be back on our concepts and stories (a la “TSR”) which try and take listeners on sonic and psychedelic adventures!

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, we will be focusing a lot into promoting “A Mind on a Ship…”, as we are happy to be reborn a better, more industry-savvy tandem after 2 dismal years with Rawkus. Our new launchpad for this journey is Tasteful Licks Records… home to DJ/tastemakers like Rasta Root & DJ Jamad as well our band drummer J. Laine and frequent Little Brother collaborator Zo!, who also hails from DC.

Actually, my longtime friend and the FIRST guy to let me produce a record for him- Wes Felton, is also down with TLr and appears on a very personal track for me (K-Murdock) called “Orange Penicillin”.

We got a few other surprises and treats but the formula is STLL the same: Raw P on the mic, myself on the production and Dj Damu the Fudgemunk on ALL cuts and scratches.

The album drops late October, and we will be posting more info as the date looms closer…

Ah, another Rawkus fan…

Anyway, here’s the track listing and a preview cut for Panacea’s fourth album.

  • 1. “Introlude”
  • 2. “Voyagers”
  • 3. “Mudgreen”
  • 4. “L.A. VA”
  • 5. “Speak-O-Vision”
  • 6. “Vandalism”
  • 7. “Orange Penicilin”
  • 8. “Sirens”
  • 9. “Lunar Illusion”
  • 10. “Chrono Trigger”
  • 11. “Treasure Hunt”
  • 12. “Mustard Seed Celebration”
  • 13. “A Mind on a Ship”

Download: “Voyagers”

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