Abstract Rude’s “Rejuvenation”


Over a year after Abstract Rude signed with Rhymesayers Entertainment, the L.A. vet has scheduled Rejuvenation for a May 5 release. Initially titled Dear Abbey, Abstract Rude’s third solo album is completely produced by Seattle’s Vitamin D and, according to a press release, “is a hard hitting soulful ryde showcasing Ab Rude’s distinct and unlimited vocal styling.”

  • 1. “Hip Hop Ryde”
  • 2. “Rejuvenation”
  • 3. “Nuff Fire”
  • 4. “The Conch”
  • 5. “Thynk Eye Can (Haiku D’Etat Mix)”
  • 6. “TV Show”
  • 7. “Sadly Ever After”
  • 8. “Tomorry”
  • 9. “Diggin’ It?”
  • 10. “Aaron, Ab, Abbey”
  • 11. “RSVP (Wanna Party)”
  • 12. “Man Down”
  • 13. “Is What It Is”
  • 14. “Parables”
  • Bonus Track: “Thynk Eye Can (Blowedian Next Generation Mix)”

Abstract Rude, “Rejuvenation”

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