Plastic Little gets mature, reveals Jay-Z-roticism

Plastic Little_She's Mature Mega Mix.jpg

Dopest album cover of the year: Plastic Little’s sampler for the upcoming She’s Mature, where some kid fronts like The Smiths’ famous artwork for “This Charming Man” (a still of Jean Marais from Orphée).

The liner notes on the back, designed by grahic artist Jayson Scott Musson (a.k.a. Plastic Little’s PackofRats) are even more hilarious:

“I know white people have stolen a lot from us, but we still have F.U.B.U., so let those devils keep jazz, rock and swing dancing as well as their contemptible white Jesus. You know the real dilly, and that dilly is: One day Jay-Z will buy you a house because you bought all of his records and then he’ll buy you a pony because you had his back when he was beefing with Nas, and then he’ll give you a recording contract because your voice is so very unique and then he’ll ask you to marry him. He ain’t on some gay shit though, he just thinks youz a real nigga and he wouldn’t mind that real nigga quality in a life partner. Jay-Z lightly mumbles to you: ‘Maybe we’ll kiss a little, nah mean? But that it dog. I ain’t gay.’ You know Jigga isn’t telling the whole truth…it’s obvious that he wants more than a kiss. But secretly, so do you…”

That about sums up hip-hop in 2006.

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