Jneiro Jarel introduces Shape of Broad Minds

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After much MySpace hype, hard-working New York producer-rapper Omar Gilyard is debuting his latest creation: Shape of Broad Minds. The man known as Jneiro Jarel has assembled a supporting cast that includes Atlanta rapper Panama Black, Houston multi-instrumentalist Jawwaad and, schizophrenically, a few alternate Jneiro personalities named Rocque Wun and Dr. Who Dat.

The group’s first release is The Blue Experience EP, a teaser that hits July 17 and features the lead single “Let’s Go” with MF Doom. After that comes Craft of the Lost Art, a long player featuring guest appearances from Count Bass D, Lil Sci, Stacy Epps and Deborah Jordan. It arrives via Lex Records on September 4, and the track listing is below.

“It’s basically Jneiro Jarel plus,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times earlier this year. “When you have one name, people expect whatever they’ve heard from you in the past. But if you go by these different aliases, they know to expect [different styles] from you.”

  • 1. “Gorilla Mash”
  • 2. “Light Years Away”
  • 3. “Let’s Go” (feat. DOOM)
  • 4. “Changes”
  • 5. “Nahuma (interlude)”
  • 6. “OPR8R”
  • 7. “BuddaFly Away”
  • 8. “Unnamed”
  • 9. “It Lives On” (feat. Count Bass D)
  • 10. “So Much (Chaos)” (feat. Lil Sci)
  • 11. “Buzz Around Town”
  • 12. “They Don’t Know” (feat. Stacy Epps)
  • 13. “Bopper Blocker”
  • 14. “Electric Blue”
  • 15. “Mermaid (Outro)”
  • 16. “It Aint Dead!!”
  • 17. “Beast From Da East”
  • 18. “Lullabanger (Thelonious Dedication)”
  • 19. “Viberian Sun”
  • 20. “There 4 Me”
  • 21. “Stiff Robots & Drunken Horses”
  • 22. “Solo (Underwater)” (feat. Deborah Jordan)
  • 23. “12C”


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