Guilty Simpson records “Ode to the Ghetto”

As one of the later additions to the late James “J Dilla” Yancey’s cast of collaborators, Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson has been a near-constant presence on Stones Throw’s hip-hop projects, from its myriad compilations to the reissue of J Dilla’s Ruff Draft EP. Now he’s finally getting his solo shot.

Ode to the Ghetto drops March 25. Producers on the project include the ever-present Madlib, Denaun Porter from D-12, Oh No, Black Milk, Babu from Dilated Peoples and, of course, J Dilla. Though MED, Sean Price, and Black Milk contribute guest vocals, Guilty Simpson handles most of the 15 tracks himself.

Stones Throw has had a mixed history with hardcore rap albums. From MED and Roc C’s uneven efforts to Percee P’s solid-if-underwhelming Perseverance, these albums have often sounded creatively restrained, and lacking the weird, loopy humor and offbeat innovations that the label best known for. But if the press bio for Guilty Simpson is any indication, that won’t be the case with Ode to the Ghetto. The track listing is below.

Ode to the Ghetto marks an evolution, incorporating a more topical and thought-provoking persona in addition to the extra-savage braggadocio Simpson is known for,” reads a press bio on the Stones Throw website. “Guilty’s testosterone-charged, inner city themes possess of a sense of humor at times so side-splitting, it only proves how serious he really is. This rapper was raised on the field of battle and he has more to say than just how fresh he is and how fresh ‘they’ are not. As a matter of fact, he’s found that he’s here to remind the hip-hop world – currently captivated with that manufactured freshness – that life in the ghetto is real.”

  • 1. “American Dream”
  • 2. “Robbery”
  • 3. “She Won’t Stay at Home”
  • 4. “Footwork”
  • 5. “Ode to the Ghetto”
  • 6. “Getting Bitches”
  • 7. “I Must Love You”
  • 8. “The Future” (feat. MED)
  • 9. “Pigs”
  • 10. “My Moment”
  • 11. “Run” (feat. Sean Price & Black Milk)
  • 12. “Kinda Live”
  • 13. “Yikes”
  • 14. “The Real Me”
  • 15. “Kill Em”
  • 16. “Almighty Dreadnaughtz” (feat. Super MC, Krizsteel & Konnie Ross)

Photo by Doug Coombe.

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