Kidz in the Hall schedule “The In Crowd”

Chicago rap duo Kidz in the Hall has scheduled a release date for their second album. The In Crowd, their follow-up to 2006’s School is My Hustle, drops April 29 on Major League Entertainment/Duck Down Records.

The In Crowd is going to solidify us as the best new group in Hip-Hop,” says rapper Naledge. “Our new album is the re-definition of the Kidz In the Hall sound and our experimentation with artist collaboration. The first album was a lot rawer and showed our potential for greatness, but The In Crowd is our greatness coming to fruition. We went out of our way to create an album that has something for everyone and is air-tight from beginning to end. This is a definite classic for the Hip-Hop lover.”

Them’s big words. While it remains to be seen if The In Crowd will be a masterpiece, or even a good album, it undoubtedly has an amazing guest list. True to the album title, Naledge and producer/DJ Double-O have gathered a clique of popular kids to help out. Masta Ace, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, Camp Lo, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Sean Price and Buckshot lend support. In addition, there’s a bonus track, a remix of their well-received single “Drivin’ Down the Block,” that features Clipse and the fellow Chicagoans the Cool Kids.

The full track listing is below.

  • 1. “Intro”
  • 2. “Blackout” (feat. DJ GI Joe)
  • 3. “Paper Trail” (feat. Phonte Coleman)
  • 4. “Drivin’ Down the Block (Low End Theory)” (feat. Masta Ace)
  • 5. “Lucifer’s Joyride” (feat. Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes)
  • 6. “Snob-Hop” (feat. Camp Lo)
  • 7. “The In Crowd” (feat. Tim William)
  • 8. “Let Your Hair Down” (feat. Skyzoo & Lil Eddie)
  • 9. “Midwest Thang Pt’s 1 & 2” (feat. Black Milk, Guilty Simpson & Fooch)
  • 10. “Mr. Alladatshit”
  • 11. “Sean Na & Buck” (feat. Sean Price & Buckshot)
  • 12. “Life I Know
  • 13. “Drivin’ Down the Block” (remix) (feat. Clipse & the Cool Kids)

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