Nobody signs with Ubiquity for Blank Blue

Elvin “Nobody” Estela, one of the leading lights of the Los Angeles beat scene, has found a home for Blank Blue, his long-gestating project with singer Niki Randa.

Nobody presents: Blank Blue – Western Water Music Vol. II is tentatively scheduled for a May release on Ubiquity Records, the same L.A. label that released his first two solo full-lengths. (A collaboration with the Mystic Chords of Memory, Tree Colored See, dropped via Mush in 2006.) Nobody has previewed much of the music via his MySpace page, last year’s From L.A. with Love compilation, and a fall 2007 tour with Prefuse 73. In addition to Randa’s lead vocals, other musical contributions come courtesy of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and members of Beachwood Sparks and the Tyde. The songs are vintage Nobody: eerie, atmospheric instrumentation, gauzy, near-beatless tones, and dream-like vocals. Think 60s psychedelia updated for the hip-hop era.

“I think everything I do is very California,” Nobody told the L.A. Record last year. “You know what I mean? How we live is how we listen. Stoned? I don’t know if stoned means necessarily high on pot all the time, but it’s a little murky, a little slow… that’s how music out here sounds.”

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