New album from Fat Jon

I was scrolling through Discogs this evening and found a pleasant surprise: Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician has just released a new album.

Fat Jon is best known as one-half of Five Deez, a Columbus, OH group that had a nice run in the early 00s. Since moving to Berlin a few years ago, Fat Jon disappeared from view in the States. (His former partner in Five Deez, Pase Rock, is now a successful — albeit foulmouthed — New York party rapper.) But he continues to produce quality work overseas, issuing instrumental hip-hop albums as well as electronic projects with Styrofoam and Pole.

Fat Jon’s Repaint Tomorrow was released by P-Vine Records on August 2. Since it’s a Japanese release, it will probably run you $30 or more in import prices, so try to find a digital copy.

  • 1. “Kissed In Shadow”
  • 2. “Spacesuit Proper”
  • 3. “Innocent At Once”
  • 4. “Soundgirl Personal”
  • 5. “W.Y.P.A.U.”
  • 6. “Rose Antennae”
  • 7. “Party Foul”
  • 8. “Long Now”
  • 9. “Lighthouse Sleeper”
  • 10. “Repaint Tomorrow”
  • 11. “Imagine Seven”
  • 12. “Muses”
  • 13. “Leyes”
  • 14. “Hero Style”
  • 15. “Tranquilizer”
  • 16. “Berlin Grey”
  • 17. “Sunrain”
  • 18. “Aesthetica”
  • 19. “Do It Like My Robots”
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