Flying Lotus, Aloe Blacc remix Radiohead’s “Reckoner”

Radiohead is holding another remix contest for a track from its album In Rainbows. The first, for “Nude,” drew over 2200 submissions. At last count, UK junglist Spor was in the lead for that contest. The new contest, which started in September, is for “Reckoner,” and it has drawn around half of the previous number with over 1100 submissions.

As was the case with the “Nude” contest, the “Reckoner” list features dozens of hip hop-inflected remixes, including joints from Diplo, Flying Lotus and others. Here are a few of the most interesting ones; I’ll upload a more complete list after the contest ends on October 23.

Download: Reckoner (Baron Zen remix)

Download: Reckoner (Flying Lotus remix)

Download: Reckoner (Diplo Official remix)

Download: Reckoner (Vote for Obama not Aloe Blacc remix)

Photo by Kevin Westenberg.

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