“Afro Samurai: Resurrection”


On January 27, the RZA’s newly-formed Wu Music Group heralds the return of Adult Swim fave Afro Samurai with a new soundtrack. Afro Samurai: Resurrection features appearances from Sly Stone (yes, from Sly & the Family Stone), Rah Digga, Shavo from System of a Down and Kool G. Rap. Wu-Tang members and affiliates such as Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck and Killah Priest also appear. Distribution for Wu Music Group is handled by the Orchard.

Here’s a bit from the press release:

Wu Music Group, the new label ran by the administrative mind of Mitchell “Divine” Diggs and the creative force of Wu-Tang Clan’s chief architect, “The RZA”, will release their second album, Afro Samurai: The Resurrection, on January 27th, 2009. The album is the soundtrack to season two of Spike TV’s critically lauded animated television show and DVD featuring the voice of Samuel L Jackson and is musically produced entirely by Wu Tang Clan’s The RZA. The soundtrack features unlikely collaborations and guest spots from legendary recording artists such as Sly Stone, members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, and a whole cast of RZA’s protégé’s, including the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s son – Boy Jones. …

Afro Samurai: Resurrection marks another milestone for Wu Music Group, which recently announced a comprehensive partnership with The Orchard, to distribute and market the label’s popular catalogue worldwide. The Orchard and Wu Music have digitally released the label’s entire catalogue of unreleased material, including important recordings from RZA and other Wu-Tang Clan members, and will be marketing and distributing future physical and digital releases, beginning with Afro Samurai: Resurrection, from current label acts and new signings. The saga will continue, as the Diggs brothers breathe new life into the legacy of the Wu-Tang Clan.

  • 1. “Combat (Afro Season II Open Theme)” (feat. RZA & P. Dot)
  • 2. “You Already Know” (feat. Kool G Rap, Inspectah Deck & Suga Bang)
  • 3. “Blood Thicker Than Mud (Family Affair)” (feat. Reverend William Burke, Sly Stone & Stone Mecca)
  • 4. “War” (feat. Kool G Rap, Ghostface Killah, Tash Mahogany & RZA)
  • 5. “Girl Samurai Lullaby” (feat. Rah Digga & Stone Mecca)
  • 6. “Fight for You” (feat. Thea Van Siejen)
  • 7. “Bitch Gonna Get Ya” (feat. Rah Digga)
  • 8. “Bloody Days Bloody Nights” (feat. Prodigal Sunn & Thea Van Siejen)
  • 9. “Kill Kill Kill” (feat. Rugged Monk)
  • 10. “Nappy Afro” (feat. Boy Jones)
  • 11. “Bloody Samurai” (feat. Black Knights, Dexter Wiggles & Thea Van Siejen)
  • 12. “Dead Birds” (feat. Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn & Shavo)
  • 13. “Arch Nemesis” (feat. Ace & Moe Rock)
  • 14. “Brother’s Keeper” (feat. Reverend William Burke, RZA & Infinite)
  • 15. “Yellow Jackets” (feat. Ace & Moe Rock)
  • 16. “Take the Sword Pt. III” (feat. 60 Second Assassin, Leggezin, Crisi, Christ Bearer, Rugged Monk, Tré Irie, Kinetic, Reverend William Burks & Bobby Digital)
  • 17. “Number One Samurai (Afro Season II Outro)” (feat. RZA & 9th Prince)
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