Warp loves labels

From today, December 15 until December 24, Warp Records is offering a free download via its MP3 site, Bleep.com. Titled Bleep Loves…Labels, the 11 track collection features contributions from new signee Hudson Mohawke, 4 Hero side project Visioneers, rising downtempo producers Lone and 2 Tall, electro-disco-whatever producers Boyz Noize and others. It highlights the many underground labels which Bleep carries in addition to Warp; and the fact that all of Bleep’s MP3s come without DRM restrictions (unlike iTunes and Amazon.com).

Here’s how the site puts it:

“Bleep Loves… Labels” is an exclusive FREE compilation hand picked by the Bleep staff to showcase a variety of sounds from this medley of forward-thinking labels. Moving from the some of the hottest electronic beatscapers around right up to Eastern European electric blues funk and folk-prog-rock workouts; this compilation gives an insight into the depths of Bleep’s catalogue.

Update: Bleep Loves Labels has been rescheduled for February. No word on whether it will have a new or different track listing. Check the comments section for more information.

  • 1. 2Tall, “Scatterclocks”
  • 2. Boyz Noize, “My Head”
  • 3. Bullion, “Time For Us All To Love”
  • 4. Hudson Mohawke, “Still On It”
  • 5. Illes, “Nekem Oly Mindegy”
  • 6. Kelpe, “Skylla”
  • 7. Lone, “Wonderment Montage”
  • 8. Mordant Music, “Hummdrumm”
  • 9. Subeena, “2080”
  • 10. The Visioneers, “Duke’s Court”
  • 11. Yellow Moon Band, “Polaris”
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5 Responses to Warp loves labels

  1. remix-d says:

    Yo where can i find the album then?

    Call me a retard but i cant find it on the bleep site….

  2. plugoneboss says:

    You’re right…it’s not up there. Hopefully it will be posted soon.

  3. remix-d says:

    oh kay cool Ill keep checking it!

  4. Bleep Team says:

    Hi Guys,

    Firstly – thanks for putting up this story…
    Secondly – unfortunately, this free compilation has been delayed until February.

    However, rest assured that Bleep have this and a lot of cool stuff coming up in the 2009.

    All the best,
    Bleep Team

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