Filastine launches “Dirty Bomb”


On February 1, Barcelona, Spain producer Filastine will make drop his second album Dirty Bomb via DJ/Rupture’s Soot Records. Much like DJ/rupture, Filastine’s musical style incorporates various sounds — dub, breakbeat, dancehall, ambient electronics and hip-hop — into an exotic, difficult to categorize blend. Here’s a bit from the press release:

With his sophmore album, Dirty Bomb, Filastine returns with a gritty transnational soundclash of urban rhythm. Freely splicing dubstep with balkan brass or hiphop with bollywood, Dirty Bomb parties in the mud puddle of our increasingly polluted world. Kick drums beat out rapid patterns for dances yet to be invented. Rich acoustic strings merge with programmed synths. Bits of field recordings and radio static degrade the signal. Each featured voice is sourced from an on-site collaboration. Over the contorted crunk of “Hungry Ghosts” rap aboriginal Australian Wire mc and Japan’s ECD, underground rap icons of their respective countries. Closing the albums is teen gypsy La Perla, recorded in a squatted cave in Andalusia.

  • 1. “Singularities”
  • 2. “Btalla” (feat. Rabah)
  • 3. “From The South To The West…”
  • 4. “To The Motherfucking East”
  • 5. “Fitnah” (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney)
  • 6. “Marxa”
  • 7. “Con Los Manos En La Masa” (feat. Malena D’Alessio)
  • 8. “No Lock No Key” (feat. DJ Collage)
  • 9. “Blung”
  • 10. “Bitrate Sneers”
  • 11. “Hungry Ghosts” (feat. Wire MC & ECD)
  • 12. “Desordenador”
  • 13. “Stereofonic Streetscape Blowout”
  • 14. “The Sinking Ship”
  • 15. “They Move Like Somnambulists”
  • 16. “Strategy Of Tension”
  • 17. “Como Fugitivos” (feat. La Perla)

Download: Filastine, “Fitnah” (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney)

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