Scott Herren and Zach Hill are Diamond Watch Wrists


Guillermo Scott Herren, best known for his work as Prefuse 73 and Savath y Savalas, has formed a new project with drummer/producer Zach Hill, drummer for avant-noise group Hella and producer for Marnie Stern, Cex and others. The group is called, oddly, Diamond Watch Wrists. Their album, Ice Capped At Both Ends, drops May 4 on Warp Records.

Guided by two artists with slightly disparate backgrounds, Ice Capped At Both Ends blends the wintry (or summery, depending on how you hear it) folktronica of Savath y Savalas with the propulsive drumming and indie-rock sensibility of Hill’s work. Meanwhile the vocals, contributed by Tyondai Braxton, are very sardonic and surrealist, hence…uh… Diamond Watch Wrists. The project is the second installment in a trilogy of albums Herren plans to release this year.

Here’s a somewhat-unhelpful explanation from Mr. Herren’s blog:

The forthcoming album dropping on WARP are a definitive collection between Zach Hill, Myself and Tyondai Braxton pulling together songs chosen to see the light of day.

I’d like to say that Zach really came into this at a crazy time for me and was beyond encouraging about seeing this through and making it happen. I am so thankful for his amazing contribution and Tyondai’s beautiful vocal additives, duets and straight up boosting my own self doubts about everything I release.(very true)

  • 1. “My Last Time In This Place”
  • 2. “Politely”
  • 3. “One Second Early”
  • 4. “Onward Push Me Out”
  • 5. “Diamond Falling Off My Grill”
  • 6. “Dot Org Green Consumed”
  • 7. “Start Wrong”
  • 8. “Simple Love Notes”
  • 9. “Speculative Forensic Investigation”
  • 10. “Epedemic Epedemics”
  • 11. “Taped Up Swagger”
  • 12. “Ending”
  • Japanese bonus track: “My Spirit”
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