Scratch brings Kanye West, others to “Loss 4 Wordz”


Tis’ the season for goofy, unexpected mashups — see N.A.S.A., the BPA and MSTRKRFT’s latest for proof. And with his new album, Loss 4 Wordz, former Roots member Scratch has added to the micro-trend. The track listing for his second album includes Kanye West, Damon Albarn from Gorillaz, Estelle, Talib Kweli, Musiq Soulchild and many other unexpected guests. Loss 4 Wordz drops May 25 on Gold Dust Media.

Here’s a bit from the bio:

Scratch, the world famous beat boxer and hip hop superstars is extremely excited about his new album, Loss 4 Wordz. For those that don’t know, Scratch is one of the most amazing DJs, producers, entertainers and of course, beat boxers in the world. Scratch is a Grammy Award winning artist who’s also known all over the world. He’s performed on stages with icons like Jay Z, James Brown, and Usher.

Loss 4 Wordz includes singers, rappers, and traditional instruments infused with Scratch’s beat boxing that will have everyone wondering where the beat boxing stops and the traditional instruments begin. All of the production was done by Scratch, creating everything from the crisp scratches, lush bass, melodic synth sounds by layering different vocal effects on top of each other for each track. “I wanted the tracks to be as simple as possible but also to sound full.” This philosophy is what raises the bar to new heights for beat boxing. It’s much more than the early days when beat boxing was a highlight or small component to rap music. With Loss 4 Wordz Scratch transforms beat boxing into rap music.

1. “Intro”
2. “Let’s Go” (feat. Peedi Crakk)
3. “Tonite” (feat. Musiq Soulchild)
4. “If Our Love Was A Song” (feat. Daniel Bedingfield)
5. “Ready To Go” (feat. Kanye West & Consequence)
6. “Get The F… Outta Here” (feat. M.O.P. & Showtime)
7. “Every Time” (feat. Rosie Wilson)
8. “Too Late” (feat. Damon Albarn & Talib Kweli)
9. “Midnight Hour” (feat. Gentleman)
10. “I’ll Be There For You” (feat. Jonas Myron)
11. “Fade Away” (feat. Jeymes Samuels)
12. “Girl I’m Gonna Make You” (feat. Arthur Baker)
13. “Find My Way” (feat. Elmore Judd)
14. “The Man” (feat. Estelle & Terri Walker)

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