Phil the Agony’s “Think Green”


Phil the Agony is best known for his membership in several West Coast crews, including Strong Arm Steady, Likwit Crew, Blacksmith and, back in the day, Madlib Invazion. But for Think Green, the L.A. vet will go solo, albeit with help from SAS’s Krondon and Mitchy Slick, Planet Asia and Blacksmith’s Jean Grae and Talib Kweli.

Think Green drops May 5 on Nature Sounds. A digital EP version will be available on Earth Day, April 22. Cue the bio segment:

With Think Green, Agony takes a different approach in his mission, not only to fans of hip-hop, but also to eco-minded individuals. On the album titled track Think Green Phil wastes no time in explaining why it’s important to think of our surroundings as he states “ I print my album on recycled paper so you ain’t gotta cut the rainforest, for me to sing the chorus… ” The Economy rides with the environment as the silver-throat emcee creates, in his words, an “environmentally conscious hip-hop album” for 2009. Think Green’s commercial packing holds true to Phil’s vision, with a minimalist 100% recycled, eco-friendly CD sleeve. Phil has even partnered up with the National Global Releaf Program to have a tree planted for every copy of Think Green that is purchased.

  • 1. “Green Skit 1”
  • 2. “Intro”
  • 3. “What It Is” (feat. Blaq Toven)
  • 4. “Nothing Can Stop Us” (feat. Planet Asia & Krondon)
  • 5. “Hunters” (feat. Krondon & Talib Kweli)
  • 6. “Thousand Dollar Omelettes” (feat. Planet Asia & Krondon)
  • 7. “Green Skit 2”
  • 8. “Think Green” (feat. Talib Kweli)
  • 9. “Time” (feat. Planet Asia & Krondon)
  • 10. “Stick Together” (feat. Blaq Toven)
  • 11. “Green Skit 3”
  • 12. “Black History” (feat. Planet Asia & Chace Infinite)
  • 13. “Everyday” (feat. Big Twin & Jean Grae)
  • 14. “Turkey Bacon” (feat. Chace Infinite)
  • 15. “Think Green (Remix)” (feat. Mitchy Slick & Chace Infinite)

“Think Green (Remix)” (feat. Mitchy Slick & Chace Infinite)

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