Cage returns with “Depart From Me”


Influential indie rapper Cage has finally finished his long-fomenting album Depart From Me. Mr. Palko has drawn a lot of press for his budding friendship with actor Shia LaBouef (the A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints thespian, not the douche-y “No-no-no-no-no-no” Transformers twit). The Hollywood star is developing a biopic based on Cage’s tumultuous life, and recently directed the video for Depart From Me‘s lead single, “I Never Knew You.”

Depart From Me is set for release on July 7 via Definitive Jux. Here’s some additional info:

The album has been two years in the making and promises to be a harrowing journey through dense lyricism coupled with sparse resonate production by F. Sean (Martin), El-P, Aesop Rock, and Camu Tao (R.I.P.).

On top of creating the full 14 track LP, Cage has prepared a 7 song mega-single/EP of exclusive bonus material, entitled the I Never Knew You EP. Slated for release sometime within next two months, the EP will be available for free download from the good people over at Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) in conjunction with Definitive Jux .

Set to coincide with the release of the free digital EP, Cage will spend February filming the video for “I Never Knew You” in LA with close personal friend Shia Labeouf (making his directorial debut). The video is the first official collaboration between Cage and Labeouf which will ultimately culminate in a full-length feature film based on the rapper’s young life starring Labeouf himself.

Here’s the track listing:

  • 1. “Nothing Left To Say”
  • 2. “Beat Kids”
  • 3. “Dr. Strong”
  • 4. “I Found My Mind In CT”
  • 5. “I Lost It In Havertown”
  • 6. “Teenage Hands”
  • 7. “Eating Its Way Out Of Me”
  • 8. “Kick Rocks”
  • 9. “Katie’s Song”
  • 10. “Strain”
  • 11. “Fat Kids Need An Anthem”
  • 12. “Look At What You Did”
  • 13. “Depart From Me”
  • 14. “I Never Knew You”

“Nothing Left To Say”

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