Wale & Lady Gaga’s “Chillin'”

When I first watched this video, I was, like, “Fuck hip hop. Fuck all this pop shit.” Then I had to step back and remember that Rakim was doing this back in the early 90s, too. (Remember “Friends” with Jody Watley?) And that’s what all this new rap generation-pop junk reminds me of — circa 1990, when dudes used to do appearances on the Arsenio Hall, LL Cool J was trying to dance on “The Jingling Baby” (because, like, everyone danced back then) and most of hip hop was feelin’ the new jack swing.

*Shudder* Well, you can’t blame the youth, as Peter Tosh sang, although Wale’s nearly 30 so he’s more of an smartly opportunistic former athlete than a MTV-loving idiot. Check the clip for guest shots of Bun B and Pusha T.

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