Hardcore Gentlemen’s “Hardcore Gentlemen”

Tanya Morgan made a video for their hilarious parody “Hardcore Gentlemen.” It’s directed by Ilyas. Check below for Hardcore Gentlemen’s slightly overdone “press bio.” Question: How can they have only one self-titled single AND a gold album and follow-up single?

HARDCORE GENTLEMEN is a early-mid 1990s rap group consisting of group members RAPZ KAOTIC, REEFER SUTHERLAND and KILLAH SILK. The group was based in Brooklynati, USA and saw great success with their classic and only single “HARDCORE GENTLEMEN” (DJ Jurx Records, 1994). Unfortunately, after selling a platinum single and a gold album (RUGGED & SMOOTH, DJ Jurx Records, 1994) their follow-up single, “BRUSH YA TEEF WIT IT” fell on deaf ears and led to the group’s destiny of being one-hit-wonders.

Immediately following the release of their hit-single “HARDCORE GENTLEMEN” and in promotion of their debut LP, Hardcore Gentlemen toured the United States and parts of Canada, but ended the tour abruptly when group member KILLAH SILK was slapped with 14 paternity suits from 13 different women. A State Court jury ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and the rap group was forced to return home and try to maintain their momentum doing local gigs in Brooklynati. After the lack of success surrounding their touring efforts, the group faded into obscurity and is remembered only for their successful, self-titled single. They are regularly revisited on countless “Where Are They Now?” television shows profiling hip-hop acts.

So where are they now? In May of 2009, Hardcore Gentlemen attempted to do a 15-year anniversary show celebrating their classic and only single. The plan was to headline a show at Humphrey Lefty’s (a concert hall in their own hometown) and to perform their hit 15 times in a row. Tragically, during the 5th performance of “Hardcore Gentlemen” the group became entangled in a fight on stage, resulting in a drawn firearm by one of their hypemen. Shots were fired, and while nobody was killed, two of the group’s three members (RAPZ KAOTIC and REEFER SUTHERLAND) were arrested and are currently facing charges for concealing a weapon and endangering minors.

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