Frank 151 37: The De La Soul issue

Frank 37-DeLa-Cover

This may be the best Frank 151 issue I’ve seen to date. It celebrates the 20th anniversary of De La Soul’s seminal 3 Feet High Rising with 150 pages on everything De La, from interviews with onetime Native Tongues (including a prison interview with Chi Ali!) to a De La pop quiz, photos of classic flyers and advertisements, the works. Fans of the old Ego Trip magazine will appreciate this. And best of all, it’s free!

I tried looking on the Frank 151 website for a list of stores that carry it, but couldn’t find one. So you’ll have to just look out for it at your local record store, skate shop, limited-edition toys/T-shirts/caps outlet, hipster emporium, et cetera. It’s worth the search.

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