The Wrap Up: Wake and bake

Kam Moye

The lost weekends:

  • Kanye, Em, Cudi, various pop wanksters earn VMA noms (
  • Beastie Boys’ MCA completes cancer surgery, begins recovery (
  • After prematurely calling Charles Hamilton the next-gen rapper to blow, The Fader hopes for better luck with Drake (
  • RIP Rashied Ali, former drummer for John Coltrane (
  • RIP archetypal guitarist Les Paul (
  • Drake gives So Far Gone an official release, gets moved from Universal Republic to Universal Motown (

Make mine marvelous: Illmind’s Official Remix Album (, Kam Moye’s (pictured above) Self Centered EP (, Luckyiam’s The Present (, Dr. Who Dat’s Can I Dub Your Tape? No!! (

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