The Wrap Up: Wasted Youth

Lil Wayne_Jonathan Mannion

Leave a good lookin’ corpse:

  • Facebook and MySpace’s racial, social, economic disparities (
  • Rumors anticipating new Google, Facebook music programs  spread (
  • Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, the Roots, others file lawsuit over Guantanamo Bay torture tactics (
  • Kanye West target of Internet hoax (
  • David Banner and 9th Wonder work on free Internet album, Death of a Pop Star (
  • NY cops persecute yet another black entertainer for minor infractions, force Weezy to cop a plea ( (

Sweat lodge: Jneiro Jarel at the Do-Over, October 18 (part one – (part two –, Flying Lotus’ birthday jam session (

Photo by Jonathan Mannion.

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