James Pants’ “Seven Seals”


On December 8, Stones Throw Records will release the second album by Northwest eccentric James Pants, Seven Seals. Judging by the cover artwork on the label site, Mr. Pants has turned his gaze from the electro and New Wave stylings of his 2008 debut, Welcome, in favor of psych-soul (which, coincidentally, Stones Throw has been reissuing lately). A first single, “Thin Moon,” came out last month.

Need an explanation? I sure do. “The album was made while reading mystical books and the book of Revelations, and inspired by being in the mood to start a cult. This is the cult’s soundtrack,” reads a blurb on the Stones Throw site. Thanks, that helps.

Here’s the track listing:

  • 1. “The Eyes Of The Lord”
  • 2. “A Chip In The Hand”
  • 3. “Beyond Time”
  • 4. “I Live Inside An Egg”
  • 5. “Wormhole”
  • 6. “Sky Warning”
  • 7. “Seven Seals Theme”
  • 8. “Thin Moon”
  • 9. “Not Me”
  • 10. “I Saw You”
  • 11. “Now, Let Me Brush You”
  • 12. “I Promise I Lied”
  • 13. “Wash To Sea”
  • 14. “Aqua Sun”
  • 15. “Oceans”
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