Georgia Anne Muldrow’s “Kings Ballad”

Kings Ballad

In 2009, Georgia Anne Muldrow dropped three albums (including a compilation and a set of early demos) and saw her excellent ballad “Roses” re-interpreted by Mos Def. On January 26, she’ll continue with Kings Ballad, a new set for Ubiquity Records. “King’s Ballad is a celebration of creativity and uniqueness, things that are necessary to a meaningful life expression. It’s about being yourself,” she says in a press release.

More excerpts:

Everything you hear on Kings Ballad is handcrafted and non-sample-based. She has been called a modern day Nina Simone, and fans of Chaka Khan and Betty Davies would feel at home with Kings Ballad, too.

In the midst of amazingly fruitful studio time, she cranked out several albums and compilations in 2009, on the back of recent collaborations with the mighty Mos Def (on his Ecstatic album), and Erykah Badu (on her New Amerykah album). Kings Ballad is the latest work and is all original and exclusive. It opens with a nod to the inspiration of children, and moves through themes earthly and cosmic, about her partner, the longing for a more universal consciousness, veganism, and the title track which is an ode to musical-hero Michael Jackson.

Written and produced during transitional times, Kings Ballad was crafted against the backdrop of the early days of the Obama administration, the last days of the life of Michael Jackson (a family friend and big inspiration) and while her son grows towards his first birthday. She even moved studio spaces at the outset of recording. But distractions are not disruptive to the Muldrow music-making machine. In fact, motivation comes easily. “The driving force within me is my need for freedom of cultural expression,” she explains. “And in my culture music always serves a divine purpose. Mine in particular is of a healing nature, so I get over my down days by being true to my warrior soul.”

Here’s the track listing:

  • 1. “Indeed”
  • 2. “Doobie Down”
  • 3. “Simple Advice”
  • 4. “Kings Ballad”
  • 5. “R.I.P.”
  • 6. “Thrones”
  • 7. “Summer Love”
  • 8. “Shang-A-Lang”
  • 9. “The Ooh Wee Show”
  • 10. “Can’t Stand Yo Love”
  • 11. “To The Stage”
  • 12. “March For Africa”
  • 13. “Chocolate Reign”
  • 14. “Baby Dee”
  • 15. “Live”
  • 16. “Room Punk!”
  • 17. “Thatch”
  • 18. “Industrial Bap”
  • 19. “Morena Del Ray”
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  1. RC says:

    GAM continues to raise the bar. She is a true artist with a vision that she fithfully swears allegiance too.

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