Michael Fakesch’s “Exchange”

German producer Michael Fakesch, formerly of glitch pioneers Funkstörung, has collected his sundry remixes for like-minded folks into the Exchange collection. It drops March 5 on Musik Aus Strom.

Here’s an explanation:

Michael Fakesch used to be one half of Funkstörung (R.I.P.). From 1994 until their break-up in 2006 the two electronic wizards have been pioneers in combining weird beats, digital electro-madness and beautiful melodies. Their merciless remixes for Björk and Wu-Tang Clan marked their breakthrough and gained them international fame.

After the decease of Funkstörung Michael Fakesch concentrated on doing sound design for commercials (Toyota, Sony, Vodafone, Kia, Philips) and even won the Grand Prix 2009 of the Cannes Golden Lions. He also did music for several shorts and, of course, remixes!

The new release ‘Exchange’ is a collection of Michael Fakesch’s best remixes. Included are funky interpretations of Herbert and Towa Tei, a reimagining of Bomb the Bass, a unique reshaping of Notwist, dance-floor friendly remixes for Booka Shade, Jimmy Edgar and Raz Ohara, and killer reworks of Mr. Oizo, Hexstatic and Von Südenfed. Most of the remixes have been released in limited or white label editions so this compilation is like a new Fakesch album.

Here’s the track listing:

  • 1. Mr. Oizo, “Lambs Anger_Jo (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 2. Booka Shade, “Mandarine Girl (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 3. Scaffolding, “D-Tron (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 4. Bomb the Bass feat. Paul Conboy, “So Special (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 5. Shadowhuntaz, “Head In Noose (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 6. Raz Ohara, “The Burning Desire (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 7. Towa Tei feat. Taprikk Sweezee, “Taste Of You (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 8. Hecq, “Steeltongued (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 9. Von Sudenfed, “The Rhinohead (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 10. Hexstatic feat. B+, “Freak Me (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 11. Kidkanevil feat. Taprikk Sweezee, “Black Bug (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 12. Jimmy Edgar AKA My Bad Habit, “My Bad Habit (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 13. Herbert feat. Taprikk Sweezee, “Something Isn’t Right (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 14. Jean Jacques Perrey and Cosmic Pocket, “Frooots/Psyche (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 15. Notwist, “Gloomy Planets (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 16. The Broadway Project, “Paint It Blue (Fakesch Remix)”
  • 17. Franz Kirmann, “Little Baby Eyes (Fakesch Remix)”
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