TOKiMONSTA, “Cosmic Intoxication”

TOKiMONSTA, Cosmic Intoxication
Ramp Recordings

Jennifer “Tokimonsta” Lee has waded into a teeming L.A. beat scene with her Cosmic Intoxication debut. So give her praise for excelling at production fundamentals and spinning a cool vibe on this 21-minute EP. Her best numbers, including the breezily surreal “Line To Dot” and “Doing It My Way,” mine a melodic element reminiscent of mid-90s trip-hop. A few moments on Cosmic Intoxication, especially the soul chops of “Glaring Lights,” may sound like overly familiar clichés. With luck, however, Tokimonsta has only begun to develop a voice that separates her from the beat crowd.

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