Review: Daedelus, “Righteous Fists Of Harmony”

Daedelus, Righteous Fists of Harmony

According to its press materials, Daedelus’ mini-album Righteous Fists of Harmony attempts to “bridge the demise of the magic-inspired martial arts fighters of the Boxer Rebellion to the post modern malady of technology and imagination.” It’s an ambitious concept, but nothing new for a man who mentors much of L.A.’s beat scene, dresses like an Edwardian dandy and celebrated steampunk long before it became a New York Times-approved catchphrase. Despite its promise of historic upheaval, this is one of Daedelus’ most subdued and textured works, eschewing the drill-and-bass mechanics of past work in favor of slow-building arrangements and acoustic balladry. He even invites his wife and musical partner Laura Darlington to coo serenely on “Order of the Golden Dawn.” Righteous Fists of Harmony is the musical equivalent of a Zhang Yimou epic, all soft focus and beautiful scenery undercut by horrific flashes of violence.

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