Review: GonjaSufi, “A Sufi and a Killer”

GonjaSufi, A Sufi and a Killer

A Sufi and a Killer opens with “Rebirth,” an extended loop of a Native American ceremony, with totem drums pounding as voices cry to its rhythm. GonjaSufi dreams of being a “Sheep” and a lion, interpreting the animals as prototypical vegetarians and carnivores as an Indian mantra hums. His voice cracks and wheezes, as if he were a dreadlocked mystic descended from a terrestrial planet. A Sufi and a Killer, largely produced by GonjaSufi with key assistance from Flying Lotus and the Gaslamp Killer, is magical stuff, but it isn’t a spiritual exercise. He’s all too aware of the hot and dangerous concrete jungle that surrounds him, as well as the endless sky of possibilities that lie above.

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