Tour dates for GDP

3/05/11: Cyclecide Bike Collective Death House, Hackettstown, NJ (w/Pistol)
3/10/11: Maggie McGuire’s, Cranford, NJ (w/Choc Bread, St. Joe Louis)
3/11/11: Laundromat, New Brunswick, NJ (w/Pistol, Space Jeez, Bartlomein)
3/12/11: Brick Moose Lodge, Newark, NJ (w/Pistol, Planet Cognac, Arcade)
3/15/11: Silk City, Philadelphia, PA (w/Beam&Deem, Planet Cognac, Pistol)
3/19/11: Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ (w/Pistol, Shape, G. Wallace, Choc Bread)
3/24/11: Rockstar Bar, Brooklyn, NY (Young Zee, GDP, Pistol, Shape, G. Wallace, Arcade)
3/25/11: The Oasis, New London, CT
3/27/11: Hangar, Virginia Beach, VA (w/Andre Nickatina)
3/31/11: 49 Grove, New York, NY (w/Space Jesus, Pistol)
4/15/11: Che Cafe, San Diego, CA
4/20/11: The Hive, Oakland, CA
4/21/11: Ash Street Saloon, Portland, OR
4/22/11: Tabu, Ashland, OR
4/23/11: Roxy’s Vets Club, Shasta, CA
4/24/11: Highline Ballroom , New York, NY (w/Andre Nickatina)

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