Q-Tip petitions for “Kamaal’s” release


Before I say this, I want to say I have the utmost respect for Q-Tip as an artist. But he isn’t the best at giving you the straight story, as the Jungle Brothers will tell you.

Only last month he told Billboard that he secured the masters to his shelved 2002 album Kamaal the Abstract. It seemed like the cherry on a comeback that included his forthcoming (and already bootlegged) solo endeavor Live at the Renaissance. But if you visit his MySpace page, you’ll find a link to a petition asking former label Arista to release Kamaal.

“We, the fans of Q-Tip, have been waiting for the release of his second solo album Kamaal the Abstract since 2002,” reads the petition. “While the album sits, the fans are ready to respond by signing this petition in hopes of an official release of this amazing album.” What gives? I thought Q-Tip secured rights to the album from Arista!

With luck, the development is just a tangent before Live at the Renaissance officially drops. But I am not overly optimistic, given Kamaal’s tortured history. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sign the petition here.


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