Common finds forever


If you’ve seen Common in the news lately — whether promoting the DVD release of his craptastic action flick Smokin’ Aces or imparting some much needed dignity on Oprah Winfrey’s hip hop “town hall meeting” — then you may have forgotten that dude actually has a new album coming out. Or maybe you did know, and he’s all over the place because that’s his way of hyping the album. Synergy…that’s how artists do it nowadays.

Common’s new album is Finding Forever, and it’s due on July 10. According to a news story on, the album features production from Kanye West,, the late J Dilla and Devo Springsteen. Guests include Lily Allen (who appears on “Drivin’ Me Wild), Bilal and Dwele. “So Far to Go,” originally released on J Dilla’s 2006 album The Shining, is also slated for inclusion. The first single will be “The People.”

“I want to leave a mark on this earth,” says Common in the Billboard story. “By making music and saying what I have to say in my music is one of the ways I will exist forever.”

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