Review: J. Medeiros, “Of Gods and Girls”

J. Medeiros
Of Gods and Girls

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Jason Medeiros of the Procussions views hip-hop as a platform for political and social change, so there isn’t much lightweight material on his solo debut, Of Gods and Girls. The first single, “Constance,” details the seedy underworld of child pornography and human trafficking; “Half a Dream” questions our addiction and lust for consumer goods. Even love songs such as “Amelie” and “Strangers” are serious and dramatic ballads. Save for “Money,” a collabo with Pigeon John reminiscent of Jeru the Damaja’s “Can’t Stop the Prophet,” you won’t find any goofy “Passin’ Me By” antics here.

It makes for heady but insightful listening, and repeated plays of Gods and Girls will reveal a restless intelligence and perspective informed by leftist philosophies and Christian ideals. The music is so mellow that it sometimes fades into the background, and Medeiros’ writing style lends itself to a kind of brash opinionating. While some will be turned off by all the preaching, others will find solace in a few key tracks. “Change” with Strange Fruit Project and Rez has a nice, bluesy feel; “King of Rock Bottom” rolls along an propulsive drum track; and “Her Wings” is a nifty, buttery track.

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