Rock Steady Crew celebrates 30 years


This week (July 24-29), the Rock Steady Crew will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a series of events in New York City. Scheduled happenings include a panel discussion, art exhibit, free outdoor concert and, of course, plenty of B-boy battles.

The Rock Steady Crew is probably the most famous B-boy crew in history. Formed by Bronx dancers Jimmy D and JoJo in 1977, the crew was immortalized in the early 80s through the now-legendary Roxy world tours that exported hip-hop culture around the globe, as well as the 1992 musical So, What Happens Now? and Hollywood movies like Flashdance and Beat Street.

“After 30 years we’re proud to say that we’re still going strong,” says RSC president and figurehead Crazy Legs in a press release. “For the anniversaries, we want to focus on all aspects that make Hip Hop the social force that it is. This is about education and entertainment. With crew battles, hot DJs, panels and live graffiti shows our 30th promises to showcase everything Hip Hop represents.”

A schedule of events is below. For details such as times and addresses of locations, visit

Tuesday, July 24:

  • The Canal Chapter, Manhattan, NY: “Hip-Hop is Dead?” w/moderator DJ Eclipse, Sway, Bobbito Garcia, Mare 139, Monie Love
  • The Canal Chapter, Manhattan, NY: “Jam on the Groove: History of Hip-Hop Theater 101” w/moderator Mr. Wiggles, Crazy Legs, Adesola, DJ Doc

Wednesday, July 25:

  • adidas Originals, Manhattan, NY: RSC 30 Hip-Hop Art and Photo Exhibit opening wDV One, JS-1

Thursday, July 26:

  • John F. Kennedy High School, Bronx, NY: Against the Grain: Concrete B-Boy/B-Girl Battle & Celebrity Softball Game
  • 320 Studios, Manhattan, NY: B-Boy Girl master class w/Crazy Legs, Servin’ Bonita, Ynot
  • 320 Studios, Manhattan, NY: Funk Styles master class w/Mr. Wiggles, Suga Pop
  • 320 Studios, Manhattan, NY: RSC 30 Funk Styles party w/Mr. Wiggles, DJ Doc

Friday, July 27:

  • 101 River Views Grand Hall, Manhattan, NY: B-Girl Fight Club vs. Frenemies battle w/DJ Skeme Richards

Saturday July 28:

  • 101 River Views Grand Hall, Manhattan, NY: 5-on-5 crew battle w/host Crazy Legs, DJ Bobbito Garcia, Skeme Richards

Sunday, July 29:

  • 1 Lincoln Park, Newark, NJ: Rock Steady Crew 30 free outdoor concert w/host Bobbito Garcia & End of the Weak, Rob Swift, Q-Bert, Biz Markie, the Soulsonic Force, EPMD, Rich Medina, DJ Eclipse, Lovebug Starski, Naughty by Nature, Dana Dane, Keith Murray, Ras Kass, Large Professor, Grand Master Mele Mel, Planet Asia, Polyrhythm Addicts
  • 320 Studios, Manhattan, NY: Rock Steady Crew 30 afterparty w/Evil Dee, Tony Touch, DV One

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