Perkins and Muldrow preach “The Message Uni Versa”

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On September 25, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins will unveil The Message Uni Versa. For fans of Muldrow’s brilliant Olesi: Fragments of an Earth, this album is more straightforward and spiritual-based than her searing, sometimes-anguished solo work. For fans of Perkins’ solo albums (not including his music as Declaime), it finds him collaborating with a new partner, not the mighty Madlib.

With two talents as formidable as Muldrow and Perkins, there isn’t any need for cameos and guest appearances. Muldrow handles the bulk of the beats, but Perkins chips in some beats. The music is a unique blend of hip-hop, funk and soul.

Some may surprised that The Message Uni Versa isn’t arriving via Stones Throw Records. Instead, it comes through Look Records, the Bay Area label founded by onetime Stones Throw artist DJ Design. The Message Uni Versa, says Perkins in a press release, “means one song in the universe; we’re trying to reach the masses through this album to let everyone know we are all one.”

As for Epistophik Peach Sounds, the duo’s erstwhile label? Its first release will be Jimetta Rose’s “America” 12-inch. Produced by Muldrow, it’s scheduled to arrive with Groove Attack Distribution on September 21.

Meanwhile, the track listing for The Message Uni Versa is below.

  • 1. “Ye Olde Skit”
  • 2. “GodUnit”
  • 3. “On One”
  • 4. “One”
  • 5. “Peace of Mind”
  • 6. “Time”
  • 7. “Found”
  • 8. “U”
  • 9. “All 4 U”
  • 10. “Ye Olde Skit Too”
  • 11. “Good Mornin Amerikkka”
  • 12. “P.I.F.O.T.P.H. 34”
  • 13. “War Drums”
  • 14. “The Stomp”
  • 15. “Poppa’s Song”
  • 16. “MGD” (feat. M.E.D.)
  • 17. “Stronger”
  • 18. “Ye Last Olde Skit”
  • 19. “The Message”
  • 20. “Uncle Dudley’s Outro”
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