Prefuse 73 makes “Preparations”


Scott Herren is arguably one of the most influential producers of the past decade — if not necessarily in hip-hop (he’s got a lot of competition in that department), then most certainly in electronic music.

So why all the haterade? Perhaps because, over an 8-year career, he’s made a lot of music under many guises. Not all of it’s great, and some of it is pretty dismal (I particularly didn’t like Security Screenings). His predicament reminds me of J-Dilla, another prolific producer who drew a lot of criticism around 2001-2002. This was four years before he died and became deified by the hip-hop faithful. Hopefully Herren won’t have to die to get his props.

So here comes another Herren adventure, this time under his most successful pseudonym, Prefuse 73. Preparations, set for release on October 9 via Warp Records, arrives only five months after Golden Pollen, his recent album as Savath y Savalas. The man is currently planning a U.S. tour, but in the meantime here’s the track listing.

  • 1. “From the East Intro”
  • 2. “Beaten Thursdays”
  • 3. “Aborted Hugs”
  • 4. “The Class of 73 Bells” (feat. School of Seven Bells)
  • 5. “Girlfriend Boyfriend”
  • 6. “Smoking Red” (feat. John Stanier)
  • 7. “Prog Version Slowly Crushed”
  • 8. “Noreaster Cheer”
  • 9. “Let It Ring”
  • 10. “17 Seconds Interlude” (feat. Tobias Lilja)
  • 11. “I Knew You Were Gonna Go”
  • 12. “Pomade Suite Version One”
  • 13. “Spaced + Dissonant”
  • 14. “Preparation Outro Version”

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