Review: Flying Lotus, “Reset”

Flying Lotus
Reset EP

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

On Reset, Flying Lotus expands his repertoire with a handful of new production styles. But most people wouldn’t notice. The volley of DJ Shadow-like drum rolls on “Vegas Collie” and the sensuous, dub-like “Tea Leaf Dancers” are seamlessly incorporated into his established glitch-hop persona.

What sets Flying Lotus apart from the thousands of Nintendo-sampling electronic/hip-hop producers around the world — and makes him a legitimate musical artist, not just a talented beatmaker — is his ability to weave his tracks into a memorable composition. “Tea Leaf Dancers,” which features a nice vocal turn from Andreya Triana, is an obvious pick. But “Massage Dancers,” with a melody built out of a sunny sampled chorus, is classic West Coast instrumental hip-hop.

Flying Lotus still makes a studio jam or two (“Dance Floor Stalker”) that fill out this 17-minute EP without really enhancing it. But mostly, he drops some nice teasers that set the stage for what will hopefully be a revelatory second LP.

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