Lyrics Born roams “Everywhere at Once”

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On March 18, Lyrics Born will release his second album, Everywhere at Once. It’s his first disc since 2003’s Later That Day, and it comes via Anti-/Epitaph Records.

“Taking a new approach to recording, LB threw in everything but the kitchen sink on this one. Whether it was hiring horn and keyboard arrangers for specific songs and parts or bringing in the right MC or musician for the right song, LB took his time (not as much time as Later That Day of course) and the result is some of the best Lyrics Born music to date,” reads a message posted on his official website, Guests on the album include Chali 2na, RJD2 and, of course, his wife and longtime collaborator Joyo Velarde.

In related news, sterling vocalist Joyo Velarde will finally release an album of her own after years spent with the Quannum crew. Love and Understanding is scheduled to drop in the spring, and Lyrics Born handles production.

The track listing for Everywhere at Once is below.

  • 1. “Intro Tag”
  • 2. “Don’t Change”
  • 3. “Hott 2 Deff”
  • 4. “Differences” (feat. Joyo Velarde)
  • 5. “Cakewalk”
  • 6. “Shoe Hoes Anonymous (skit)”
  • 7. “I’m a Phreak”
  • 8. “I Like It, I Love It”
  • 9. “The World is Calling”
  • 10. “Top Shelf”
  • 11. “Is It the Skin I’m In?”
  • 12. “Homeland Security (skit)”
  • 13. “Do U Buy It?”
  • 14. “Rules Were Meant To Be Broken (remix)”
  • 15. “Whispers”
  • 16. “I Can’t Decide (Everywhere at Once)”
  • 17. “Re-Intro”
  • 18. “Let Me In, Let Me Out (remix)”

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