Masta Ace + Punchline + Wordsworth + Stricklin = EMC

Juice Crew legend Masta Ace, Lyricist Lounge vets Punchline & Wordsworth, and onetime major label prospect Stricklin (remember Tommy Boy’s Black Label?) have been performing together as EMC for the past several years. Masta Ace featured the crew on his last album, the critically-acclaimed A Long Hot Summer, and they banded together last year for a well-received 12-inch, “E.M.C. What It Stand For?”

Now EMC has completed an album, The Show for release in April on Masta Ace’s label, M3 Records. (February 3 update: The track listing is below.) “The group idea was a natural progression of the relationships we all made from being on the road together,” says Ace in a press release. “It’s not just about the music with us, we are pretty much like brothers.”

True to their reputation as master industry networkers, The Show features a plethora of guests. 24 tracks deep, it features Little Brother, Sean Price, and Ladybug Mecca on guest vocals. Instrumentation come courtesy of K-Otix producer the Are, Nicolay, DJ Eclipse from Xecutioners and Ill Insanity, Ayatollah and Marco Polo. “EMC is a movement and hip-hop should get ready for something really special,” says Stricklin.

  • 1. “Who We Be”
  • 2. “The Airport”
  • 3. “Leak It Out”
  • 4. “The Check In”
  • 5. “Traffic” (feat. Little Brother)
  • 6. “Say Now”
  • 7. “The Message”
  • 8. “Don’t Give Up On Us” (feat. ADI of Growing Nation)
  • 9. “Git Sum” (feat. Sean Price)
  • 10. “We Alright” (feat. Strickie Love)
  • 11. “The Interview”
  • 12. “EMC (What It Stand For)”
  • 13. “The Angry Merch Guy”
  • 14. “The Grudge”
  • 15. “Make It Better”
  • 16. “The Lobby”
  • 17. “Winds of Change”
  • 18. “The Show” (feat. Ladybug Mecca)
  • 19. “The Backstage”
  • 20. “Borrow You” (feat. Strickie Love)
  • 21. “Once More”
  • 22. “U Let Me Grow”
  • 23. “Feel It” (feat. Money Harm of the Product G&B)
  • 24. “Outtakes”

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