Madlib visits Brazil, becomes Jackson Conti

Acclaimed photographer/filmmaker Brian “B+” Cross’ MySpace subscribers have been receiving mysterious bulletins lately. They read, “Madlib and Mamão are…Jackson Conti. Please repost.”

The source of the mystery is a forthcoming album by Jackson Conti called Sujinho. It’s set for release on May 19 via Dutch future soul imprint Kindred Spirits and Mochilla, a company B+ runs with fellow photographer Eric Coleman. Sujinho is the latest in a series of happenings between L.A.’s best beat artists and famous drummers. The first was the 2004 Keepintime documentary and soundtrack, followed by the 2006 project Brasilintime. Ivan “Mamão” Conti is the drummer for Azymuth, a highly regarded Brazilian funk-jazz troupe. Of course, we all know who Madlib is.

“In 2006 after the premiere of Brasilintime in Sao Paulo, Madlib, Coleman and I went to Rio,” B+ explained in a bio on Jackson Conti’s MySpace page:

We had two reasons to be there, to play at MD2’s record release party and record with Mamão. On
a rainy humid Rio evening we convened and after some deliberations Mamão played an hour and half of rhythms. The excitement in the room was palpable as he went through his paces. Lots of Whooos were heard and pounds were swapped.

Madlib then played a new CD of tracks that he had been working on with this project in mind and there was one that stuck with Mamao. Segura esta Onda is that track and it is really a tribute to Azymuth. Mamao ended up singing on it.

It was a great night and within two months Madlib had turned those rhythm tracks into the album you have in your hands.

Filled with songs from the greats of Brasilian music of the mid sixties to early seventies. Luiz Eca, Chico Buarque, Joao Donato, Baden and Vinicius, Marcos Valle, Dom Um Romao, Airto even George Duke gets a look in. And of course Azymuth.

The track listing for Jackson Conti’s Sujinho is below.

  • 1. “Mamaoism”
  • 2. “Berumba”
  • 3. “Anna de Amsterdam”
  • 4. “Praca da Republica”
  • 5. “Papaya”
  • 6. “Brasilian Sugar”
  • 7. “Sao Paulo Nights”
  • 8. “Xibaba”
  • 9. “Upa Neguinho”
  • 10. “Casa Forte”
  • 11. “Amazon Stroll”
  • 12. “Berimbau”
  • 13. “Anna de Amsterdam Reprise”
  • 14. “Waiting on the Corner”
  • 15. “Tijuca Man”
  • 16. “Nao Tem Nada Nao”
  • 17. “Sunset at Sujinho”
  • 18. “Segura esta Onda”

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