Time Machine says “Life is Expensive”

On June 10, Time Machine will release its second album, Life is Expensive on Glow in the Dark Records. (May 5 update: The release date has been pushed forward to May 20.) Jet Set Jay (also known as Jaysonic), Biscuit (formerly known as Comel) and DJ Mekalek have been getting much love for their disco-fied lead single, “The Groove That Just Won’t Stop.” Mekalek drew notice last year for an unauthorized M.I.A.’s “Boyz” that proved so popular, Interscope reportedly asked Glow in the Dark to remove it from its blog.

To capitalize on their newfound indie blog fame, the jet set L.A. trio will follow in the Cool Kids’ footsteps and work the nightclub/dance party circuit before Life is Expensive hits stores. The track listing and tour dates are below.

“On their new album, Life is Expensive, the crew balances the rolling good times with a shrewd awareness of the cost of living…both literal and figurative,” reads a press release for Life is Expensive. “The songwriting overflows with DIY attitude, and Mekalek’s mostly hi-speed production boasts heavy drums and rich melodies every time.”

  • 1. “In the City of Everything”
  • 2. “(If You Know What) I Mean” (feat. Maya Jupiter)
  • 3. “The Groove That Just Won’t Stop”
  • 4. “We’re Making a Video” (feat. Shawn Jackson)
  • 5. “The Unfortunate Twist” (feat. Greg Nice from Nice & Smooth)
  • 6. “Here Comes That Sound” (feat. Cool Calm Pete & Two B. Era)
  • 7. “Mountains”
  • 8. “Life is Expensive”
  • 9. “A Little Dirt of Your Own” (feat. Jahpan)
  • 10. “Who Cares?” (feat. Osandi)
  • 11. “Something We’re Becoming” (feat. Maggie Horn)
  • 12. “Survival Kit”

And here are the tour dates:

  • 4/23: The Standard, Los Angeles, CA
  • 5/01: Remedy, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 5/02: Gypsy Hut, Cincinnati, OH
  • 5/03: Skully’s, Columbus, OH
  • 5/04: B Side Liquor Lounge, Cleveland Heights, OH
  • 5/08: The Middle East, Cambridge, MA
  • 5/09: The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA
  • 5/10: DC9, Washington, DC
  • 5/11: Joe Squared, Baltimore, MD
  • 5/14: The Annex, LES, NY
  • 5/16: Highline Ballroom, New York, NY
  • 5/17: Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY
  • 5/19: Knitting Factory, New York, NY

4/23: w/Mikey Rocks from the Cool Kids, Blu Jemz, Wendy City, Jayvon
5/03: w/Plastic Little
5/08: w/InnerPartySystem, XO Skeletons
5/09: w/The Black Ghosts, Thunderheist, Dave P
5/10-5/11: w/Distort
5/16-5/17: w/Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Yo Majesty
5/19: w/Dandi Wind


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